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Vote By Mail

Vote by Mail, formerly known as Absentee Voting, is available to all qualified, registered Levy County voters.  Vote by Mail provides voters with a convenient alternative to voting in-person.  Below are frequently asked questions that will help you learn more about Vote by Mail.

Who Can Vote by Mail?

If you are a qualified registered Levy County voter, you have the right to Vote by Mail.

When is the Deadline to Request a Vote by Mail Ballot?

A request for a Vote by Mail Ballot must be received by the Supervisor of Elections no later than 5 p. m. on the sixth day before the election.

How do I Request a Vote by Mail Ballot (Section 101.62, F. S.)?

A Vote by Mail Ballot can be requested by a voter in:

Person: At our Office
Telephone: (352)-486-5163
Fax: (352)-486-5146
Online: Vote by Mail Ballot Request

Please Note: A request for a Vote by Mail ballot to be mailed to an address other than the one on file in the Florida Voter Registration System must be in writing and signed by the voter.

Voters can instruct an immediate family member or legal guardian to request a Vote by Mail ballot for them.  Immediate family can be defined as the voter's spouse, parent, child, grandparent, or sibling of the voter or the voter’s spouse.

When submitting your request, please remember to include:

  • The name of the voter for whom the ballot is requested.
  • The voter’s address.
  • The voter’s date of birth.
  • The voter’s driver’s license number, if available.
  • The voter’s signature (written requests only).

If the voter has designated an immediate family member or legal guardian to request his or her ballot, the designee must provide the above information in addition to the following:

  • The requester’s name.
  • The requester’s address.
  • The requester’s driver’s license number, if available.
  • The requester’s relationship to the voter.
  • The requester’s signature (written request only).

Please Note: Ballots cannot be forwarded – voter should provide current address.

Will I Need to Request a Vote by Mail Ballot for Every Election?

No, one request is deemed sufficient to receive a Vote by Mail ballot for all elections through the next two regularly scheduled general elections.  However, you do have the option of requesting a Vote by Mail ballot for just one specific election.

Can I Pick Up my Vote by Mail Ballot (Section 101.62, F. S. (b) 4)?

A voter may pick up their ballot once the Supervisor of Elections has printed and made your ballot available.  You have until the day before the election to pick up your ballot.  Starting five (5) days prior to the day of the election, any voter may designate in writing a person to pick up their ballot.  The designated person may not pick up more than two Vote by Mail ballots per election, other than the designee’s own ballot, except for ballots being picked up for the designee’s immediate family. The designee has to provide written authorization from the voter and picture identification.  An affidavit must also be completed that states the designee has been authorized by the voter to pick up their ballot.  The designee will need to indicate their relationship to the voter.

Note: Voters can ONLY pick-up a ballot ON Election Day if there is an emergency, to the extent that the elector will be unable to go to his or her assigned polling place.  An affidavit must be completed by the voter that describes the emergency.

When Will I Receive my Vote by Mail Ballot?

Ballots are mailed within two (2) business days after receiving your request.

How Do I Return my Vote by Mail Ballot?

  1. By Mail
  2. In Person: At our Supervisor of Elections Office            

Voters will need to place their ballot into the enclosed secrecy envelope, and then insert the secrecy envelope into the enclosed mailing envelope which is addressed to the Supervisor.  Once you’ve sealed the return envelope, please remember to sign and date the back of the envelope.

Note: Vote by Mail Ballots cannot be accepted at any local polling places on Election Day.

When is the Deadline for Returning a Vote by Mail Ballot?

In order to ensure that your Vote by Mail ballot will be counted, it should be completed and returned as soon as possible so that it can reach the Supervisor of Elections office no later than 7 p. m. on the day of the election.

What if my Signature on the Voter Certificate and Registration Does Not Match?

You will receive notification through the mail at the address listed on your absentee ballot.  Fill out the included affidavit in order to update your signature.  This form must be mailed back to our office before the ballots are set to be canvassed.

What if I Forget to Sign my Vote by Mail Ballot?

You will also receive notification through the mail at the address which was listed on your Vote by Mail ballot.  Fill out the included affidavit in order to cure the unsigned mail ballot.  You have until 5 p. m. the day before the election to return the following form.

Note to College Students: If you move away from home to attend college, you can still be registered in your home county as long as you are not registered elsewhere.  You have the option to request a Vote by Mail ballot for each election.

Under Florida law, email addresses are considered public record. If you do not want your email address released in response to a public records request, do not send email to this entity. Instead, contact this office by phone or in writing.